Recipients 2008


Schelling Architecture Prize 2008
Jan Olav Jensen & Børre Skodvin

“A culturally holistic approach confers on their architecture a coherent, mediating force.”

In search of paradigms for an entire culture, be it for building culture, regional culture or even an entire culture for our time, Jensen & Skodvin are developing a coherent architecture for all these three components of culture. This coherence stems from the basic principles to which Jensen & Skodvin are adhering: their architecture has a mediating effect in the context of existing fabric, be it in relation to the given topography or built substance. As a result of this respect and understanding for this existing fabric the overall design reaches a poetic simultaneity. Wilfried Wang


Schelling Architectural Theory Prize 2008
Friedrich Achleitner


“He analysis a the highest level and evaluates in brilliant linguistic terms.”

 Achleitner has developed a special quality of precise analysis of buildings and over-arching development in architectural and urban history on the basis of a productive combination of literature and architectural criticism, which until now has shaped his rich oeuvre. Special mention should be made of the documentation on Austrian Architecture of the 20th Century, which is collected in three volumes and which has set the highest standards for historiography as well as for other fields. This comprehensive work is the result of many year’s research on the basis of careful evaluation of all accessible archival resources, personal visits of all building on site and their linguistically brilliant evaluation. Dietmar Steiner


Richard Kroeker
For Kroeker, the cultural context is a matrix from which intelligent solutions for future tasks can be developed. In this way he learns about materials and techniques from the indigenous people of the Canadian east coast, the Mi’cmaqs, which are then carried forward in his buildings.


Jürg Conzett
Comprehensive knowledge of engineering, passionate interest in the history of construction, fine sensibility for forms and materials as well as courage in matters of design all come together in the work of Jürg Conzett. Whether he designs on his own or in collaboration with architects, the captivating unity of structure and form are always surprising.