Recipients 2004


Schelling Architecture Prize 2004
Benjamin Foerster-Baldenius, raumlabor

“He understands architecture as a designed network of talents and possibilities.”

 Already with his thesis project Benjamin Foerster-Baldenius questioned the traditional activities of architects. The emphasis of his work lies in the planning and realization of events as well as ephemeral buildings such as for example the “bad ly”, a public swimming pool amongst building waste containers, or the 100 m long kitchen counter for the Architectural Forum Linz, both projects from 1999.
As a member of the Berlin group raumlabor Benjamin Foerster-Baldenius and his partners develop urban design and architectural projects, for which architectural collaborations are assembled according to need based on a “loose bunch, a pleasant network, two rooms with a little technology”.
Benjamin Foerster-Baldenius dares to forecast that “raumlabor will be one of the largest architecture networks in ten years, with 950 members worldwide and the first two thousand realized raumlabor projects. The name stands for green, witty and far too cheap.”

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Schelling Architectural Theory Prize 2004
Manuel Castells

“He has discovered fundamental, social systems of communication as constitutive elements of a new urbanity.”

For over three decades Manuel Castells has devoted himself to the problems in architecture and urban development. His first book La question urbaine of 1972 became a classic textbook in the field of urban sociology worldwide.
In his book The City and the Grassroots of 1983 Castells analyzed the role of social movements in European, North and South American urban developments. Already in 1989 he had conducted research on the influence of new information technology on economic and urban development processes.
With his three volume publication on The Information Age: Economy, Society, and Culture: The rise of the Network Society (vol. 1), The Power of Identity (vol. 2), End of Millenium (vol. 3), Castells also had an impact on the discussion on de- and reurbanization processes.

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